6 Month Training Program

Assistant Training Program (ATP) Mission Statement
We, the MISS INTERNATIONAL NAILS & BEAUTY educators, are dedicated to creating an educational atmosphere where each student is embraced for their individualism. The Assistant Training Program has been designed for the assistant, as well as for the educator – each expected to commit to one another during the process. The training program is a developmental experience, a place for growth and artistic analysis. Each assistant is required to focus on precision, techniques and structure while also being open to coaching, challenges, and knowledge expansion. We, the educators, are dedicated to this mission statement, believing wholeheartedly that it works without fail.

Assistant Duty Overview
The assistants and their duties are a major part of how the salon operates smoothly on a daily basis. It is not only essential to learn how to create and sculpt beautiful nails, but also learn how to become part of a team. Assistants come to know this very well during the ATP. Assistant daily duties could include any/all of the following: greeting clients, prepping clients for service, polishing, restocking shelves with product, organizing storage, cleaning/sweeping, laundry and occasionally assisting staff in finishing their clients.

Assistant Hours and Wages
The salon hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 10AM-6PM and Sunday the salon is closed. Assistant hours and wages vary depending on positive performance review and approximate hire date. Assistant wage increases are based upon positive performance reviews (every 6 months), as well as ongoing responsibility and leadership opportunities in relationship to being pro-active.

ATP Objective
The ATP has been developed to bring assistants to an exceptional level of artistry, appropriate for modern salon work. Upon completion of the program, an assistant is expected to have a complete knowledge and understanding of the classic techniques in nail enhancements, as well as have mastered a unique style that is based off of current procedures. The duration of the ATP is entirely dependent upon the assistant’s technical ability, their willingness to learn and grow, as well as a full review of educator evaluations. On average, the ATP is approximately 6 months.

Assistant Responsibilities
Assistants must provide their own model/s for each educational weekly workshop. It is the assistant’s responsibility to coordinate their own book of models. This does not mean, however, that an assistant may use the same model on a repetitive basis. If a model is used too often, they will then be denied services. Assistants must search for their own models – with the intent to vary their own learning experience. If an assistant does not have a model prepared for an educational workshop, it is then their responsibility to either work on a mannequin hand and/or observe the session. This should not, however, become a habit. The assistant will be sent home if a no-show model status persists and the situation will reflect negatively on the assistant’s organizational skills. Model no-shows only prolong the duration of ATP. Assistants are required to make every effort possible to better themselves within this learning environment, establishing their long-term commitment to their own professional career.

Educational Workshop Responsibilities
Educational workshops are every Monday evening, unless otherwise posted. Assistants are required to be prepared to begin each workshop on time. Assistants should also get a cup of coffee, go to the restroom, etc. – whatever is necessary in order to begin on time. Assistants must have all of their own equipment on hand. Assistants should make sure that they have completed all duties for the day, ready to focus on class. It is of utmost importance that an assistant clears his/her mind from the current day – ready to focus and learn. If an assistant is not able to attend a workshop, it must be discussed with the scheduled educator for the class, preferably in advance. It is the assistants’ responsibility to cancel their own model as far in advance as possible if they will not be attending the scheduled workshop.

Assistant/Model Relationship
Assistants are required to greet their model upon arrival. This means that assistants should stop what they are doing (unless with a client) and introduce themselves to their model, offer the model a beverage, and proceed to explain what is going to take place during the educational workshop (establishing the expectation behind participation in the session). Assistants should remember that this is excellent practice for developing future professional relationships with clients. Models should not be unattended for an extended amount of time. If an assistant knows that he/she will be unable to begin the model on time, it is the assistants’ responsibility to inform the model of this unexpected delay.

Educational Workshop Schedule
A monthly workshop schedule will be posted concerning future classes. It is an assistant’s responsibility to check the schedule as often as possible in order to keep current with any alterations that may have been made. There will be additional workshops beyond the normal curriculum. Including, but not limited to, the following: demonstration, product knowledge classes, nail art classes, consultation classes (focusing on communication), as well as advanced education classes with staff members on the floor. It is important that on these dates an assistant does not book a model for the class date.

Exams and Grading
Assistants are required to prove their technical knowledge and artistic ability of traditional nails. The final exam will be for an assistant to book an appropriate model according to the particular outcome desired – working solo with no direction from the educator. The decision to conduct an exam will be made mutually by both the educator, as well as the assistant. Once the assistant fulfills the exam requirements for traditional nails, they will then move into creative/freeform work. An assistant’s approach to nails will surely be unique and embraced in accordance with classic guidelines. However, an assistant must first develop a technical foundation, which is the basis of ATP. The grading system is based upon an assistant’s ability to develop and creatively function under the technical elements. Each week the educator on session will grade the assistant through written and/or verbal evaluations. Any questions/concerns the assistant may have upon reviewing the evaluation should be discussed with the educator on session prior to the next class date being conducted

ATP Graduation
Once approved by the salon owner, an assistant must schedule and prepare a creative final presentation – showcasing samples of their work through model participation. A minimum of five models must be prepped by the assistant for this show, which is open to the entire staff, as well as to any invited guests. Upon completion of this showcase, all educators will closely examine the work presented on each model and communicate feedback based upon the relationship between desired result and finished product. The assistant will then receive a certificate of accomplishment, a gift from the owner, as well as gain employment as a nail stylist. After graduating the ATP, staff is constantly enriched with continuing education -whether it is in-house education or sending staff out for external education. We also continually schedule follow-up sessions after an assistant has graduated and is on the floor – to ensure the transition from assistant to professional stylist is seamless.

For Our Salon Clients
Unlike other salons, we practice the highest form of team service. This means that the skills of our entire salon are available to you. We don’t lock you into one technician. We don’t keep you on waiting lists. Meeting your salon service needs…and your busy schedule…are our top priorities. Not every technician or salon technician is a master of all skills. We each have areas of expertise that, when combined under our guidance, offers you a palette of personal image enhancement skills that are truly unrivaled.

To ensure consistent service quality and technical skill, every staff member must complete our in-salon Skill-Certification program. That means you can always have confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you are in the talented and competent hands of a skilled certified team member. You’ll always have a fresh perspective…and you’ll always receive the utmost in True Quality salon service and attention. Unconditionally guaranteed.


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