Artistic Nail Trends

Nail art is a form of self-expression, and with a quick social media search, you will find a set of nails that inspires your next design. I have seen some amazing nail trends lately. My favorites are embossed nails, extreme bling, and fluid marble.

Nails can be a creative and fun extension of your personality. Whether it is just a simple accent nail or an all-out mini-masterpiece. It’s a form of self-expression.

Check out my latest favorite nails, as explained, for some artsy ideas for your next design.

Embossed nails are a raised design on the nail. It adds some dimension but can be more modest than 3d. You can emboss with acrylic, foil, glitter, and other mediums.

Bling it on with extreme bling. By extreme, I mean quality. And there is no better quality than Swarovski crystals. They shine and sparkle like diamonds. Extreme is a look that everyone is sure to love!

Fluid Marble is fast, beautiful, and fun. It’s like marble paint pour on the nails. Different color polish mix together to create a marble surface. The result is a sophisticated-looking design that someone created in seconds. Fluid Marble is an all-time favorite of mine because time is of the essence.


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